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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Conservative Transparency A La Ron Cannan

(After watching this I vomited a little)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Funniest Conservative Ad EVER!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dion Snubs Brison and His Delegates

Today, appearantly, Scott Brison bit the bullet and realized he wasn't going to win. His new strategy? Hosting an event with all of his delegates and inviting the top four contenders to come and help get his delegates sorted out for second ballot support.

Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff showed up, Gerard Kennedy had Justin Trudeau go in his place, while Stephane Dion didn't attempt any showing of any kind. The article describes Stehane Dion's absence and of any representative, and adds Scott Brison's delegates response of feeling neglected by Dion.
Stephane Dion didn't turn up and did not send a stand-in.

With no one assured of victory and any of the top four candidates having a realistic shot at victory, the omission seemed odd.

The slight did not go unnoticed by Brison stalwarts, some of whom intrepreted Dion's absence as a sign that the fourth-place contender simply doesn't have the organization necessary to launch a come-from-behind victory.

This coupled with reports of Dion supporters having poor enthusiasm at Dion events at the convention, builds to support such a theory of lack of organization or other resources.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gerard Kennedy On The Rick Mercer Report

Rick Mercer, you sly dog you. Taking out a married man, what balls! If you are wondering what I'm talking about click here and scroll down to "Rick's Date With Gerard Kennedy." In this clip Rick Mercer and Gerard talk politics and go out to dinner. Of note here is the attention Mercer puts on Kennedy. Where with other politicians they edit it to make lite of politics, in this interview it is clear Mercer is interested in Gerard.

One might not remember a blurred butt of Gerard, but I tell you this they will remember his attack on the Conservatives, on the environment and their leadership.

The Liberal Leadership's Best YouTube Ad

Monday, November 27, 2006

Kennedy's Leadership On Opposing Quebecois As A Nation Lands BIG Endorsement

Gerard Kennedy has done what I have been aching for. He has stood up for Liberals and Canadians who every Federal Political Party, and every other Leadership candidate have ignored. Gerard opposes the Quebecois motion. In reality, he opposes nothing, he is for, however, a Canada that is a diverse country, joined by differences, united by one nation.

The Quebecois are a nation however, in the social sense, but that word is too ill defined. We must always be specifying what tense we are using, it can only lead to confusion and the advantage would be to seperatists.

Top Liberals are recognizing this and are seeing Kennedy for who he is, a true leader.

Tom Axworthy, head of the Liberal Party's Renewal Committee has just officially endorsed Kennedy, you can read the article here.
''I have just been shocked by what I've learned, and therefore the candidate who spoke most convincingly and generally and enthusiastically about revitalizing the party as an institution from top to bottom was Kennedy and that's why I went for him,'' said Axworthy, a Queen's University political science professor.

''Liberals they decide upon winnability and they decide upon policy issues and so on. My big concern is the future long-term viability of the Liberal party and he's the candidate in my view who has the best position when it comes to that.''

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Funniest Clip Yet

Friday, November 17, 2006

How The Ignatieff Campaign Is Ruining YouTube

Well just within the last 24 hours the Ignatieff Campaign has officially commercialized YouTube. For those of you who don't know, YouTube is a website that allows people to post and share videos. YouTube's purpose was to allow individuals to express themselves and share video's they find interesting.

At the beginning of this Leadership there was but a handful of YouTube video clips. There was the Apprentice style mockumentary, the Amazing Race version of the Liberal Raace, and a few others. All of these put up by individuals. As the race progressed the Kennedy campaign noticably took lead and posted multiple Gerard Kennedy clips taken from television appearances.

Then seeing these Kennedy clips clouding the Liberal Blogosphere the Dion campaign finally followed suit a month later. But as this competition to post videos began, all were still posted by individuals.

Some clips were really well thought out and funny, like these:
NDP Orange

You can tell a lot of work went into them.

But as of currently, since Newspapers started to take heed of these finer made productions, lesser video makers have become active.

Most notably, the Ignatieff campaign, which is ruining this tradition of individual expression into a corporate advertising machine. Clouding individuals' contributions with boring programming.

One only has to go to YouTube, type in "Liberal Leadership," to see clips purposely made to be put on YouTube by the Ignatieff campaign. They are made up of just Ignatieff sitting there, talking.

The Dion campaign might be possibly doing this as well in a central effort but the lack in any substance in their video's demonstrating Dion's vision makes me think otherwise.

Also, YouTube has become the arena of bad clips. People trying to smash other candidates with the worst propaganda yet to be on television. One such series involves repeating in several clips an interview with Ignatieff's first wife.

I enjoyed watching the clips on YouTube about the Liberal Leadership race when there was just 50 of them. Now at 138, there is just plainly, a lot of crap.

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