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Monday, November 27, 2006

Kennedy's Leadership On Opposing Quebecois As A Nation Lands BIG Endorsement

Gerard Kennedy has done what I have been aching for. He has stood up for Liberals and Canadians who every Federal Political Party, and every other Leadership candidate have ignored. Gerard opposes the Quebecois motion. In reality, he opposes nothing, he is for, however, a Canada that is a diverse country, joined by differences, united by one nation.

The Quebecois are a nation however, in the social sense, but that word is too ill defined. We must always be specifying what tense we are using, it can only lead to confusion and the advantage would be to seperatists.

Top Liberals are recognizing this and are seeing Kennedy for who he is, a true leader.

Tom Axworthy, head of the Liberal Party's Renewal Committee has just officially endorsed Kennedy, you can read the article here.
''I have just been shocked by what I've learned, and therefore the candidate who spoke most convincingly and generally and enthusiastically about revitalizing the party as an institution from top to bottom was Kennedy and that's why I went for him,'' said Axworthy, a Queen's University political science professor.

''Liberals they decide upon winnability and they decide upon policy issues and so on. My big concern is the future long-term viability of the Liberal party and he's the candidate in my view who has the best position when it comes to that.''



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